Librería Cocodrilo

Cocodrilo Libros, a referral point for all professionals, students and lovers of technical books.


Cocodrilo Libros, un punto de referencia para todos los profesionales, estudiantes y amantes de los libros técnicos.


Twinkle twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle is a company founded in Alcala de Henares (Spain) in 2011.

The company was born from the need to support immersion in the work of bilingualism such as schools and parents and educators, performing audit work, consulting and distribution of educational materials in English.

The treatment and personalized dedication of each of our experts makes us understand the particular needs of each of our clients.


Toucan Bookseller

TOUCAN BOOKSELLER is an online bookshop specializing in the sale of books in English for children in Spain. And not just a site where you would be able to buy books, but also we want it to become a referral platform where customers rely on finding appropriate titles for each age.