British Benevolent Fund

The British Benevolent Fund of Madrid (BBF) is an English speaking charity in Spain born in 1933. It operates with the support of its Honorary President, HM Ambassador to Spain, and HM Consul General. It is run by an independent Chairman and Committee, all of whom know Spain and its people. They donate their time and knowledge for free.

The BBF works in conjunction with the British Consulates in Spain and other charitable organisations to provide financial support and other assistance to British nationals who find themselves in severe distress in Spain. It matters not whether you live here or are just visiting. The committee, which meets once a month, will consider all cases on their individual merit.

Over the years The British Benevolent Fund has helped people suffering from Alzheimer’s, mental health problems, cancer, learning disabilities, stroke and heart attack victims, to name a few. It has also helped many without any health issues who find themselves isolated and without support owing to circumstances beyond their control. Our main base is in Madrid but assistance is provided to British people throughout Spain via our partner organisations: The British Consulates and ACASA.